About WaQuAC-NET

Back ground


Capacity building projects for water supply utilities by JICA were carried out in South East Asia, such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam. The project period was 3~5 years, which is not enough for the utilities to develop capacity for supplying safe water sustainably. Capacity building needs more time, especially for specialists on water quality management and water treatment process. Even after the projects, counterpart people need to be supported sometimes.
Network system is very helpful to contact experts. On the network, we can exchange information, discuss problems and learn practical techniques and new knowledge.
Our purpose is to develop personal ability each other by utilizing the network. We expect the members can contribute to supply safe water to the people in their countries.
(Yamamoto. K)


To set up webpage,
To exchange information and useful technologies,
To discuss some problems,
To publish newsletter periodically,
To organize seminar or training, and
To send an expert for consultation

Set up member

Kamegai Yasuko, Kawashima Yasuhiro,
Kagata Katsutoshi, Kudo Yukio, Khut Vuthiarith,
Keo Heng, Kv Monichariya, Nakashima Eiji,
Por Kunnarith, Sasaki Shinichi,
Sasayama Hiroshi, Tamagake Mitsue,
Yamamoto Keiko, Yariuchi Mina

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