What is WaQuAC-Net?

1. Our Visions and Background


★ WaQuAC-NET is a network linking with people working for and interested in water supply and water quality in Asia and Africa.

★ Our purpose is to develop personal ability each other by utilizing the network.

★ We aim to solve problems which each member or workplace faces and have difficulties to solve, by sharing knowledge and experiences of many people through the network.

★ We promote to share information on Japanese technologies and experiences, and current situations in developing countries.

■ WaQuAC-NET was launched with ex-JICA Experts and their counterparts in December 2008.

■ Capacity building projects for water supply utilities supported by JICA have been carried out in South East Asia, such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam since 1985. The project period was 3~5 years, which is not enough for the utilities to develop capacity for supplying safe water sustainably. Capacity building needs more time, especially for specialists on water quality management and water treatment process. Even after the projects, counterpart people need to be supported sometimes.

■ Network system is very helpful to contact experts. On the network, we can exchange information, discuss problems and learn practical techniques and new knowledge.

2. Activities

■ Sharing information on our website; about our newsletters, activities of our experts, Q&A on technical topics, referential documents, etc.
■ Issuing newsletters quarterly both in Japanese and English.
 *Sending printed newsletters to members with hard to access internet.
■ Organizing meetings; general meeting, study workshop, seminars, mini-lectures, activity report, etc.
■ Dispatching experts to developing countries
■ Hosting overseas members in Japan (Social exchanging with Japanese members, support for participation in conference/training)
■ Translation of technical references/documents into English
■ Organizing social exchanges among members; on the occasions of new-year, year-ending, welcoming/see-off of the members.

Start-up Members

Kamegai Yasuko, Kawashima Yasuhiro, Kagata Katsutoshi, Keo Heng, Khut Vuthiarith, Kudo Yukio, Kv Monichariya, Nakashima Eiji, Por Kunnarith, Sasaki Shinichi, Sasayama Hiroshi,
Tamagake Mitsue, Yamamoto Keiko, Yariuchi Mina. (Alphabetic order)


Operation costs are covered by donations and membership fee of Japanese members.
Annual membership fee is JPY 2000 for individual member, JPY 10,000 for company.