Q&A Contents

2.Water Treatment Process Technology

3. Maintenance for Distribution Pipe, Pump

4. Water Supply Management

5. Water Resources Development and Management

1. Water Quality Issues

1.1 Water Sources Contamination・Water Quality Contamination in Pipe・Water Quality Standard

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Are there any arsenic pollution in the water supply using surface water? Raw water quality, Water quality standard, Coagulation and sedimentation Vol.2
Small black particles flew out from tap in some supplied areas. Why did quality of tap water change? Flow out、Iron・Manganese、Water pollution in pipe Vol.15
Concentration of arsenic in new well water was 0.013mg/L. While, water quality standard value is 0.01mg/L. By rounding figures, concentration value become 0.01mg/L. Then can I say this water meet the standard? Arsenic、Influence to human health、Water quality standard Vol.23
In Japan, is there water quality standard of raw water (surface water) used for water supply? Raw water quality、Environmental quality standard Vol.33
What’s kind of water contaminations inside distribution pipes and the countermeasures are there in Japan? Seal coat、Corrosion of pipe、Manganese oxide、Washing out from hydrant、Pipe replacement、Customer service, Accountability Vol.35
We have a problem of Zebra Mussel growing in the water intake pipe. It will make the pipe diameter smaller and generate odor. We want to share your experience for our measures.   Zebra Mussel, Golden Mussel, Adhesing inside pipe, Drying, Dosing chlorine Vol.41
Recently, water level of the river has dropped, because of no rain, and seawater has risen up the river.  Consumers complain that the tap water is salty. What measures has been taken in Japan Tap water is salty, Temporary soil dike, Seawater rise up, Desalination,
Recently, I heard discussions about PFOS and PFOA; organic fluorine compounds. Please tell me PFOS and PFOA. Complementary items of water quality standard, Organic fluorine compounds,
Activated carbon treatment 

1.2 Measures of Biological Issues

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Nematoda from tap water !? Flow out、Water quality standards for drinking water、Residual chlorine Vol.1
Could you tell me how do algae influence to water treatment process? Algae、Water treatment、Water quality、Odor Vol.4
1.Control of weed in raw water channel, 2.Chemical use for removing of Duck lettuce (Ottelia alismoides) Raw water、waterweed Vol.7
I would like to make standard operating procedure (SOP) of countermeasure against algae obstacles. Would you introduce case example? Algae、Water treatment、SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Vol.16
I want to know about the eutrophication, the influences and measures. Eutrophication, Water sources control, Advanced water treatment Vol.18
Recently, we have algae problems in our raw water. We consider starting odor test. Please explain its procedures. Algae、Odor, Qualitative descriptions、Quantitative measurements Vol.28
Please tell me how to remove algae from water sources and treatment method in WTP Algae, Coagulation inhibition, Eutrophication, Circculation-aeration、Water treatment Vol.32
Can I utilize the "ultrasonic sound technology" for controlling the algae?  Algae controll, Urtrasound device, Shallow reservoir、AOKO Vol.37

 2.2 Water Treatment Technology

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Raw Water contains high concentration lime. Can lime be removed by the bio-filtration method? Slow sand filter, Softning, Bio-filtration method Vol.6
Please tell me about a small scale water treatment method which can remove lime in raw water. Lime、Hard water、Softner、Ion exchange method Vol.12
I want to know the necessity of Jar-test, how to use it, and your suggestion   Jar-test、Coagulant、pH control agent, Coagulation aid agent Vol.19
Is EM (Effective Microorganisms) effective in reducing water pollutants of the river? Water quality of water source, EM(Effective Microorganisms) Vol.20
What are the issues to be considered when we select filter media and maintain it. Filter clogging, Filter media, Filter washing, Flowing out of media Vol.27
What are the points to pay attention to when operating the water treatment system of rapid sand filtration method ? Backwash effluent, Sieve, Adjusting of backwash flow rate,Sand layer thikness Vol.39
3. Maintenance for Distribution Pipe, Pump

3.1Distribution Network・Service Pipe

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Is the freezing construction method with liquid nitrogen effective to keep construction site clean ? Pipe freezing method, Safty of water, Construction site -
How did the pipes of different materials performe during the most recent earthquake/tsunami? PE Pipe, Earthquake resistance, Elasticity,Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake Vol.10
I want to know “Air scouring method” for cleaning the old distribution main and household pipe. Service pipe、Compressed air Vol.11
I would like to know the block distribution system for measures of leakage reduction and water pressure control. Measures of lekage reduction, Dstribution system, Pressure control, Stable water supply, DMA、NRW、Minimu night flow Vol.21
NRW ratio is 50% around in our water supply.  I want to know a method of NRW reduction. Non revenue water (NRW), Water balance analysis, DMA ( Districted Metered Area), Water meter, Illegal connection, Vol.26
We faces difficulties to reduce thief of water (illegal connection). Please tell us effective countermeasures. Raising service pressure, Proper equipment, Water meter, Educating personnel, Monitoring of night flow, Strong penalty Vol.30
How should I do a leakage invesigation at the location where pipe is below the groundwater level? Acoustic survey method, Correlation method, Tracer gas method, Water flow measurement method, Pool, Borehole vibration measurement methd Vol.40

3.2 Pump Maintenance

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Recently a pump has strange noise. Tell me what possibly cause the sound and how we can deal with them. Maintenance, Cavitation Vol.17
 I want to know the pump design considerations and parameters? Pump specification, Transmission pump, Pump selection by purpose and application Vol.47
4. Water Supply Management

 4.1 Extention of Water Service

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How do people drink more tap water? Safe water, Health, Continuous water quality control, Hygienic circumstance, Awareness, Confidence Vol.36
5.Water Resources Development and Management

 5.1 Use of Rainwater

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I live in a city of India. I am thinking of using rain water because the water supply is insufficient. Please let me know a good example of using rainwater. Rainwater storage tank in house, reclaimed wastewater, Non-potable water, Use for disasters Vol.48