Information: water supply in each country

List of articles about water supply services and utilities in our newsletters.

Region Country Contents Newsletter Date of Issue
South East Asia Cambodia PPWSA: Outline of utility, laboratory Vol.1 Dec 01, 2008
PPWSA: member interview Vol.26 Sep 01, 2015
Siem Reap: Outline of utility Vol.28 Mar 01, 2016
Human Resource Development Vol.21 May 01, 2014
Situation of Arsenic Pollution and removal systems Vol.23 Dec 01, 2014
PPWSA: Introduction of member Vol.33 Jun 15, 2017
Completion of Project in Cambodia: Mr. Hirowatari Vol.38 Sep 17, 2018
PPWSA:Member interview: Mr. Mon Tito Vol.38 Sep 17, 2018
JICA President Award Commemorative Lecture by H.E. Ek Sonn Chan Vol.39 Dec 10, 2018
MIH: Introduction of Overseas Member: Ms. Kounthy, Cambodia Vol.41 Jun 20, 2019
Special Interview with H. E. Ek Sonn Chan Vol.42 Sep 15, 2019
East Timor Dili: Outline of utility and water supply Vol.21 May 01, 2014
International Cooperation of Chiba Pref. Waterworks Bureau Vol.33 Jun 15, 2017
Indonesia Efficiency Performance of Water Utilities Vol.16 Dec 01, 2012
Tirtanadi Waterworks: Outline of utility Vol.23 Dec 01, 2014
Tirtanadi Waterworks: Member interview Vol.12 Nov 01, 2011
Medan: Introduction of member Vol.35 Dec 15, 2017
Dr. Sugawara, return back from Indonesia Vol.39 Dec 10, 2018
Laos Water supply situation, and project introduction Vol.2 Feb 01, 2009
Vientiane: Outline of laboratory, volunteer report Vol.2 Feb 01, 2009
Emergency water supply Vol.19 Oct 01, 2013
Seminar report@Vientiane Vol.24 Feb 01, 2015
Completion Report: MaWaSU Project in Laos Vol.34 Sep 20, 2017
Report of a project in Laos (presentation in Osaka meeting) Vol.34 Sep 20, 2017
Challenge of Mr. KAWASHIMA as Senior Adviser in NPNL, Laos Vol.39 Dec 10, 2018
Myanmar Yangon: Member interview Vol.12 Nov 01, 2011
Yangon: Outline of water supply and utility Vol.26 Sep 01, 2015
Yangon: Training in MWA Vol.31 Dec 16, 2016
Yangon: Re-visiting Yangon water utility Vol.32 Mar 15, 2017
Introduction of overseas member, Ms. Ei in Myanma Vol.37 Jun 18, 2018
Interview with scholarship student: Ms. Khaing Vol.42 Sep 15, 2019
Singapore Report of SIWW Vol.15 Aug 01, 2012
Thailand Outline of water supply service Vol.4 Oct 01, 2009
MWA: Outline of utility Vol.4 Oct 01, 2009
MWA: Flood Crisis Vol.13 Feb 01, 2012
MWA: Cooperation to water resource survey Vol.23 Dec 01, 2014
MWA: Presentation on the results of biological survey of water resource Vol.27 Sep 01, 2015
MWA:Measures against Algae Bloom in Bangken WTP Vol.31 Dec 16, 2016
MWA: Partnership between MWA and OWSA Vol.32 Mar 15, 2017
Professor Ishibashi, moving to Khon Kaen Univ. Vol.33 Jun 15, 2017
MWA: Presentation on development of WSPs Vol.35 Dec 15, 2017
Introduction of overseas member, Ms. Wasana, PWA Vol.37 Jun 18, 2018
Case of Disaster Impact in MWA,5th Osaka meeting Vol.39 Dec 10, 2018
Member’s news: Prof. Ishibashi from Thailand Vol.40 Mar 18, 2019
Vietnam Hue: Outline of utility, laboratory Vol.3 May 01, 2009
Hue: Introduction of member Vol.25 May 01, 2015
Introduction of project Vol.7 Aug 01, 2010
Introduction of project Vol.8 Dec 01, 2010
Biological treatment of arsenic and ammonium Vol.23 Dec 01, 2014
Seminar report Vol.25 May 01, 2015
Return to Vietnam by Ms. Yariuchi Vol.41 June 20, 2019
Return back to Vietnam by Mr. Sasayama Vol.42 Sep.15, 2019
Region Country Contents Newsletter Date of Issue
South Asia Bangladesh Arsenic Contamination Vol.5 Jan 01, 2010
Bhutan Thimphu: Volunteer report, water supply situation Vol.11 Jun 01, 2011
Removal of lime, freezing protection Vol.13 Feb 01, 2012
Nepal Situation of water supply service Vol.29 Jun 01, 2016
Report from Nepal: Mr. Saiki Vol.40 Mar 18, 2019
Revisit to Nepal (Mr. Ozaki) Vol.40 Mar 18, 2019
India Frank Chat by Anonymous: Incredible India! Vol.32 Mar 15, 2017
Region Country Contents Newsletter Date of Issue
Africa Ghana New member introduction Vol.11 Jun 01, 2011
Northern rural area: water supply and slow filtration Vol.15 Sep 30, 2012
Sudan Introduction of project Vol.7 Aug 01, 2010
State Water Corporation: Impression in joining TA Project Vol.31 Dec 16, 2016
Sudanese executives visit to WTP in Japan Vol.33 Jun 15, 2017
Tunisia Sphax: Project introduction Vol.29 Jun 01, 2016
Kenya Narok: Outline of utility, Volunteer report Vol.33 Jun 15, 2017
Introduction of member:Mr. Job Vol.38 Sep 17, 2018
Rwanda On-site Report: Support for water supply in Rwanda Vol.36 Mar 15, 2018
Region Country Contents Newsletter Date of Issue
Others Bolivia Santa Cruz: Volunteer's report: Outline of utility and water supply Vol.5 Jan.30, 2010
Volunteer's report: Outline of utility and water supply Vol.8 Dec.15, 2010
Fiji Volunteer's report: Outline of utility and water supply Vol.20 Mar.3, 2014
Holland AQUATECH2015 and water supply in the Netherlands Vol.28 Apr. 10, 2016
US NSF International; visit report Vol.18 Aug.24, 2013