Mini-talk, Meeting

Year/Month Title Activity Newsletter
2019/10 Comparison of Water Supply Technical Cooperation between Cambodia and Sudan 13th Mini-talk Vol.43
2019/9 Capacity Development for Water Supply in Yangon, Myanmar 6th Osaka meeting Vol.43
2019/4 GIS and Water Supply 12th Mini-talk Vol.41
2018/9 Case of Disaster Impact in MWA, Thailand 5th Osaka meeting Vol.39
2018/6 Basic finance for engineers 11th Mini-talk Vol.38
2017/9 JICA Project in Laos 4th Osaka meeting Vol.34
2017/4 Finance and Accounting of Japanese Waterworks Utility for Engineers 10th Mini-talk Vol.33
2016/9 International Cooperation of WU 3rd Osaka meeting Vol.31
2016/6 Water in Africa - Experience of Mr. Uemura 9th Mini-talk Vol.30
2015/9 International Cooperation of Water Utilities 2nd Osaka meeting Vol.27
2015/9 Water supply in Africa and Asia 8th Mini-talk Vol.27
2015/4 Procurement & Maintenance for Materials and Equipment Review of the Executive Forum in Asia (2) Vol.25
2014/10 Proper operation and power consumption reduction of the pump Review of the Executive Forum in Asia (1) Vol.23
2014/9 Arsenic Contamination and Removal from Groundwater (Cambodia and Vietnam) 1st Osaka meeting Vol.23
2013/5 The water source survey and workshop on the problem of the algae in MWA 7th Mini-talk Vol.18
2012/4 Protection of water supply from a 2012/4 disaster and Flood Crisis in Thailand Information exchange with Sendai waterworks bureau Vol.14
2011/6 Water Supply & Radioactive Contamination 5th Mini-talk Vol.11
2011/4 Great East Japan Earthquake Urgent meeting Vol.10
2010/11 Leakage control and safe water supply 4th Mini-talk Vol.9
2010/11 Cryptosporidium in Southeast Asia 3rd Mini-talk Vol.8
2010/3 Advantage of Grass-roots Activities 2nd Mini-talk Vol.6
2009/12 How is Arsenic Problem going on? 1st Mini-talk Vol.5